Have you ever thought of cutting down on your electricity costs while consuming less energy?
Have you ever thought of a scenario without power outage?

Chips Bits & Bytes Ltd can make this possible. We help you make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.

Chips Bits & Bytes Ltd, a leading power solutions provider, is a truly technology and innovation driven company. We are leading providers of intelligent power backup and solar products, engineered to be energy-efficient and environment-friendly.


Chips Bits & Bytes Ltd provides you the latest in the world of inverters.


Go solar to save money and the environment.




Chips Bits & Bytes Ltd the latest in the world of inverters.

While all our inverters are made from manufacturers with proven quality assurance, they are also packed with range of user friendly features that serves as a symbol of convenience and comfort. The company has deployed these inverters in several homes and institutions nationwide.

Join the in Nigeria.

Get ready to go solar with one of Nigeria’s best solar power solutions company, Chips Bits & Bytes Ltd. Our products and solutions are made to meet all kinds of solar needs from 30W to 30MW. From a 40W solar system to power a small house in village to installing 1.3MW solar power plant to power any infrastructure in the country – we have solarized several homes, offices, schools, colleges and petrol pumps in Nigeria.

We understand that you may not be looking for mere solar products but a complete solar package.

Solar solution for a small two bedroom home will be quite different from that of a big office building. Our solar experts have crafted solar packages based on your unique needs.